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Developmental Services and Safety Training

What we do

DTSH Services is an organization committed to helping children, young adults and families that are facing developmental disabilities. We firmly believe with the correct guidance and support most people with developmental disabilities can still participate fully in society and go on to become valuable members of a community. Not only do we offer special programs and other support systems to those in need but we also offer Safety Programs for meeting the safety needs of children and youth and young adults.

What is a Developmental Disability?

Children and adults with developmental disabilities often require more help to learn or understand things.  This in turn may affect other skills such as the ability to talk to or interact with other people. They may also need help to cope with day to day activities.

How to assess whether your child has a Developmental Disability?

The diagnosis of developmental disability is made by a professional, like a pediatrician, a neurologist, or a psychologist. This diagnosis is usually made in early childhood when a child does not meet expected developmental milestones.

If you are unsure whether or not your child has a developmental disability, please contact your child’s Doctor for further guidance.

Is my child eligible for DTSH Services?

We do not need a formal assessment or diagnosis to begin helping your child.  Simply get in touch with us and our experienced staff will guide you through the process of how you can register your child for any of our programs.

Why choose us?


Programs Tailored to Fit Individual Needs

Children will have an opportunity to learn in the manner which fits their individual developmental needs. Families will always have open communication with the program and their concerns will always be addressed by the Developmental Consultant and the facilitators supporting the children.

Close Parental Involvement

Parents will have the opportunity to share information between the program and the school if they feel it is appropriate to help meet the needs of the child.  We are able to work on goals which have been set out on the child’s IEP if the parents which to share that information, as well as goals described by the parents.

Compliance with Ministry Standards

Comply with the Code of Ethics and the Standards of Practice of the College of Early Childhood Educators Ontario, The Early Childhood Resource Network Ontario, and the new Learning frame work by the Ministry of Education.

Attention parents and caregivers



DTSH Developmental Services Inc. strongly believes in giving families and individuals information to help them find funding that they have not have heard of, or maybe never thought that they would qualify for. We welcome questions and will do our best to have helpful information when ever possible, if we are unable to answer your questions we will gladly redirect you to the correct support services.




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